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Hello everyone hope you are all well and excited about the OMC picnic show
coming up soon.

In case you do not know there is a Southern Chapter of the OMC. It is the San Diego Opel Club and we have at least 30-40 members and at least 45 Opel cars, ( not counting USA Opels inventory of 22 cars ).
I am Jim Marchitto and still the president so I have been asked by the OMC to see if I can encourge more Opelers to send in thier registration forms and give a head count for the banquet too. The price of dinner includes tip and taxes at a really nice place great food and a cool ambience too.

If anyone here is not on the SDOMC mailing list and has not been informed of the club plans to get to the OMC picnic here there are :

South Bay and East San Diego members are meeting Mike Brooks ( please contact Mike or myself for exact location and time) Kyla Black Tom Hoffman and others in or around Fashion Valley/ Mission Valley and then driving up to Oceanside and meeting us off the "Mission" exit in the gas station ( mobil or shell? ) right there immediately on the right off the 5 freeway exit ramp.
If all the south bay people want to meet in Oceanside at 7:30 to 7:45 AM that will work too.
Then we will pick up any Orange county and L.A. county people who want to join in the caravan.

The only FIRM time we have is 7:30 AM to meet in Oceanside.
If all goes well we should be in Orange County by 8:15 8:20 like around Irvine or maybe Aniehem where anyone can join us.

The goal is to get to Van Nuys by 10:00AM with 20-40 Opels in a row on the 5 freeway.

If you have questions call Jim at 760 497 5360
If you have a spot along the way and want us to stop so you can join in let us know where and when allowing enough time for us to arrive in Van Nuys by 10:00 AM.

Opels Forever :D

Opel Jim
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