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Ladies and gentlemen and Opel owners of all ages....

This may seem a little pre mature to announce this BUT,

If we can get just 10 pre registered Opels then we have our own 1st place trophy and catergory.
No competing with the other brands.
Just in San Diego we have at least 25 cars that are registered and on the road that I know of. I am sure there are more than that, some of the Opel Enthusiast Club members have yet to attend our meets, but we will welcome them too.

The Fallbrook Vintage Car Club (FVCC) is the sponsor of this event

So we need to get the 10 + registration forms in to the FVCC ASAP as it always sells out every year.
The fee to "show" your Opel is $20.00 payable to the FVCC.

This is the SDOMC's annual event. We show up as a club, at the Fallbrook Vintage Car show.
There are over 320-350 cars entered each year and it is so much fun to see million dollar cars and old army jeeps (complete with machine guns) Antique motorcycles, trucks, tractors you name it if it has wheels you just might see it there.
There are vendors and food concessions too

It is easy to get to. The Fallbrook High School is on the only road into town Mission Road. . We are on the football field grass which is on Stage Coach road just a right turn off Mission.

For more details contact Jim Marchitto at [email protected]
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