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Seat replacement

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I havent been on for a while and some of you may have seen that i was selling my opel for a rediculous price ( i thought i was moving ) now that i now im not still keeping the car.
I need some replacement seats checked ogts but no luck he mentioned that some peole have fited corvett seats from late 80s early 90s is this true and how easy will it go in i want to just go in no fuss no mess no welding just bolt on and done.

Please help with suggestions.
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If you go to "notavett's" site, he has the quick and dirty of how to put in Recaros from the BMW 320i Other than straight bolt in, his method is by far the easiest I have ever seen!!! I think his site is
www.opelmotorsport.com corect me if I'm wrong
OK, my bad!!!! it's www.opelgtmotorsport.com

Here's the link to the Recaro install article

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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