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Hi everyone,
I have decided to sell my GT but I'm not sure I can get what I need to get for IT? or where to list it at. I'm hoping you all can help?

I have a 1970 GT red with a white stripe. It has a lot of mods from opelgt source, rebuilt 1.9L with 1500Mi on it. The complete 5-Speed Getrag kit, RS02/A california edition front spoiler, LT09 rear spoiler, LT10 hood with twin scoops, 15" Konig Imagion wheels with P205/50 R15 tires only 300Mi on them, all the door and window rubber has been replaced, Interior is in excellent shape-no rips-new headliner, Side and rear louvers, rebuilt radiator, weber carb with manuel choke. I also have all the original parts that I have replaced. The original wheels have new tires on them-P205/60 R13 for the rear and 175/70 R13 for the front. The Rearend has some Humm and the right front Caliper locks up when the break is pushed to hard. I put new breaks and had the rotors turned. I am asking $5000.00? What is the going price these days and where is the best place to advertise? I have posted PICs in members photos.

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Went to NADA

Well I went to NADA and found that a stock 70 GT in good condition has an average retail of $3,758 and a high retail of $6,570 so with all the extras, $5,000 is about right.


I have also taken some pic's of the engine.


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opel Gt value

it is a nic e gt.you need a buyer who values the upgrades.
If you like your gt "stock"...then maybe its only worth 5g..but
I think it is worth more.you cannot buy a 4 g gt and turn it in to what you have for 5g.

someone is going to get a nice gt for not a lot of $ or sweat .

this is my opinion..others may differ.

I think $7000 is a fair value.:)

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that is the exact color engine paint I have, I have a few places I want to touch up would you know the make and name of the color? thanks!

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Travis said:
You can find a more detailed price guide here.


This was written by Charles Goin who is the person rersponsible for the values in the NADA guide. He's usually willing to give out free appraisals based on detailed descriptions and pictures... if you ask nicely:)

The NADA guide is close to accurate, but custom cars can be worth a Lot more. Customizing can cause severe degradation of the value, OR not affect it at all if done well, or increase it if done to exacting professional standards.

Case would be a #3 car worth about $5000.

With a customized interior, paint, wheels. It could be worth more like say $6000, if it had desirable rims, a quality paint job that was a standard car color, just not a Opel one, and the interior changes were radio, change of seat materials, etc.. IF the new owner wants a daily driver or Sunday driver.


IF the paint was done poorly or the prep was bad (or the color was of questionable taste), the rims are worn, or not overly fitting to the car, or the interior had the seats replaced with seats that were not fit quite well, etc.. it could drop the price to $3000.

Yet the same for the other side of the spectrum. An ALL Stock, complete rust free #3 car, needing some TLC and touch-ups, maybe a Solex rebuild, etc.. could find a buyer willing to pay $7000. If a buyer wanted a pure stock car. Because most cars at this point have been modified in some aspect or the other.

A great insite to this is this article at the NADA site:


Hope that helps anyone looking to get a value on thier car.

BTW, will be bringing blank apprasial forms to Carlilse to do apprasials for anyone that needs one.


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Why stock?

And if you are wondering "Why would anyone want a totally stock Opel?" I can tell you that here in BC, one can get special insurance and licensing for 'collector' cars, which must be totally stock, right down to the wheels and radio. (BTW, collector status cars can not be driven to/from work).


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