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We had a successful turnout this past Saturday at Gillies Ice Cream stand in Milwaukee. The weather was perfect for Opel viewing! We had a total of 7 people and 5 cars show up for our first gathering, 4 GTs and one Manta. John G. brought his red 69 GT, Bill H. brought his gold GT, Clyde his yellow GT, Gerry his red GT, and Jeff W. his 73 Manta. Rick C. from Madison (60 miles one way!) was not able to bring his GT as it is part way through an engine swap. Likewise, I couldn't bring my Manta (severe oil leak) or GT (air-locked brakes) but did bring my 2000 Saturn L which is part Opel along with pics of my Manta. The best part of getting together (and making new friends) was the great number of people that stopped to talk to us about the Opels in their past. One woman has a Manta in storeage she is now tempted to restore and drive. We spent in all about 3 hours talking Opels! We have all agreed to get together on a regular basis and John G. has agreed to host the Opels Across America in October at his bed and breakfast he owns in Mequon. John is willing to take reservations for those out of towners who may wish to stay overnight. Contact him at [email protected] to make arrangements. Pictures have been posted on this site at Photo Gallery - Event Photos. If others who were in attendance wish to post their photos please do so as my camera wasn't behaving to well on Saturday. Thanks again to everyone who came and we all look forward to meeting again!
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