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Shameless Plea for European Help

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I have a situation that desperatly needs some help from our members on the other side of the pond. I have a '67 Opel Admiral "A", which was never supposed to be imported here, and I need some help with lights and lenses for it. The headlights are fine, but I need replacement lenses, at least, for every other light before I will be able to register and drive it. I really though I was going to be able to round them up myself, but I have had no luck whatsoever. any '64-67 Kapitan, Admiral, or Diplomat will have the right lights, and I'll gladly cover getting them and all the shipping, but I need some help in a bad way to make it happen.

I could also use some brake parts, drums and rotors in particular, but for those shipping is going to be expensive, so it may have to wait until I win the lottery or something.

Thanks in advance, you guys are great.
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Leerlaufdüsen = idling nozzles, for a carburetor.
I'll check in some German catalogs at home. If your parts are still available, I'll find them.

Well, it doesn't look too good for you - not yet. I sent out a few emails regarding your lights, and I'm waiting for replies. I'll keep you up-to-date!
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