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Well after nearly 7yrs in storage I finally had the opportunity to dig my GT out and try to get her going last Saturday. I had been living out of state without a garage, that's why she had been in storage. But now I've moved back to VT, so I can play with my GT to my hearts content. :D

I put in a new battery, poured a tiny amount of fuel in the stock solex carb and she started right up. I let her idle for about 30-40min and she just sat there, humming along like she'd been run every day for the last 7yrs.

I still have to go through and replace all the fluids, hoses, belts and liquid filters but I'm just super excited to have had her start right up like that. I still can't believe I didn't have to fiddle with her since she has a history of a bad electrical ground somewhere.
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