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I have had several from the european continent. One from Belgium, and two from Germany, and one more possible from Germany. Most have been through DHL. One was just a getrag, Germany to Atlanta, overnight $191

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THe Other Way

Good service from LEP International. Shipped a large parcel (of GT front sheetmetal - 260Kgs) From Memphis, TN to New Zealand.

I called for International tenders by typing in "Freight Forwarders" on my search engine and filling in the details on one of the "freight request" forms that appeared. Seventeen tenders were returned, by e-mail, with the local branch of LEP International giving the best price AND delivery. The "parcel" came by Air in eleven days (missed a connection by two hours or it would have been four days!!). The price was better than some of the quotes for SEA Freight (30 to 70 days delivery).

The other advantage of dealing with the local office was that the sender in Memphis only had to deliver the freight to the Memphis depot, then walk away as I paid at this end, when the "parcel" arrived. If there had been a hitch I would have been dealing with my local office too.

Here is a pic of the freight involved - not the pick-up but the box in the tray! Thanks Tennessee Tom!


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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