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Ah tool BOXES: On the subject of tool boxes - so what is a tool box. My actual tool boxes are very small, for example I have a craftsman socket set that my father gave to me a couple of years after I brought my Opel GT home, around 1974. He lived in PA and I lived in NC and while I was visiting him in PA he recognized that I was going to be doing some work on my new car, turned out we had no idea just how much work that would entail, see picture of small craftsman box below. I have used that small set of sockets and extensions more than any other tools in my collection. One of my recollections was spending hours under the car using a tap and die set to get the exhaust pipe to fit the header/manifold pipe, don't ask me why but the manifold and the exhaust did not match up, screw hole size wise - and using that socket, and a pair of vice grips to barley make it work, but after hours of work I made it happen. When the two pieces with the metal gasket came together like never before and a reduction in noise that was wonderful, well it was all worth while, around 8 hours. I now know that there was most definitely an easier ways to get it done but at the time it seemed like the way to go. Experience is a great teacher.
For the most part as far as tool boxes are concerned I have always been more comfortable with having my tools out where I can see them, see where they are - so I can simply reach and grab one and bingo I have what I need. All of my work takes place in the two car family garage and whether it is in a small tool box or hanging on the peg board I know exactly where it is and can put my hands on it without thought. I also have the required small tool box in the back of the GT with the most common tools which may be needed while out and about and of course a pair of jumper cables and starter spray. Additionally I have the screw and nut tool box that has a lot of stuff that was replaced or that I collected from junk yards back in the day. I really enjoyed the trips to the junk yards back in the 80's and 90's when there was a lot to choose from. In retrospect I really did not take advantage - should have collected a bunch of stuff for little to nothing as far a price goes - but we all know that now. Welcome to my garage and my tool boxes. What fun and I get a little closer to getting it finished.

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"Pegboard" mechanic (LOL) I was taught at a very early age to use the tool then wipe it off and put it back where it belonged. If you work on the same brand car you know which tools you need to do the job with and you gather up those tools and take them to what you are working on. I don't like to loan tools but if you ask and I have what you need I will get it and hand it to you, that way I know where it is and what condition it was in when you got it. Special tools made or modified for specific jobs are kept in a box of their own and I always guarded those from "walking off". I guess I just hung around Tom Thevenin too long (although I wish he was still around to hang around some more (LOL).
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