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Time for an update.
We had a few donations (thanks) and I was able to buy a new classifieds ads program from the same people who make the photo gallery and product review gallery. The style is similar to those programs and it is compatible with our member database. (one login fits all) It is much more friendly than the one we use now. Hope to install it within the next week.

Speaking of the Product Review Gallery, add your comments to the reviews and also add any items you have used on your Opels. This can be a one stop shop for all Opel items.

The latest version of the forums program is in the 4th version of its release candidate stage. I am very tempted to update the site to this version as the stable release is very close. (only been waiting 1 1/2 years for this) This is a major upgrade as most of the files have changed and there are many new features with the new version. The problem is the main portal page is not compatible with the new forum. I'm looking for a substitute program that we can use until the new portal is released.

The "Opel, Hot or Not" page is growing. Add your Opel and vote for your favorites at rateme.opelgt.com

Stay tuned, there are many great changes on the horizon.
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