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slow windshield wipers

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What are the most common causes for the windshield wipers to move very slowly when activated? 72 GT wiring, etc.
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for me

for me it was low voltage, but I think there is a more common cause
Every GT I have ever had was slow. I think they just seem slow by modern standards.
Disconnect the battery and clean the 4 posts in the center of the fuse box with a dremel. Undo the nuts, clean them, and clean the threaded posts and the 4 red wire connectors with a dremel. You will see brighter lights and faster wipers(still slow compared to todays standards)


If you have never disassembled the wiper arm pivots and the motor and re-lubed everything, there is a real good possibility that old grease is your problem. I rebuilt mine, making one good one out of two and it will run the wipers on a dry window at full speed :D
Mine are very slow right now. Too slow to have been normal. I remember my past GT's being faster than this. So it's a mechanical or electrical thing.
my experience

mine was exactly as Jeff descibed. That is what I did and it went much faster.

Which Jeff?

I suggested cleaning the terminals

Markandson's Jeff sugguested lube of the motor.

I think performing both will yield the best results. It all depends on how much time you want to put into this.

Since I don't drive mine in the rain(except Carlisle :p ) it is not a major issue. I also have spare wiper motors so I might tear one down to see how easy it is to lube.

What worked for you?

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cleaning terminals

oxides at the 4 nuts and bus bar between was my problem, I will try to lube the motor in addition
There is also the possibility that after all these years the wiper motors need to be 'overhauled'. This would mean having the stator and such turned and cleaned, new brushes, new wiring/terminals, etc. All of these parts can get corroded, worn, or dirty and cause a reduction in performance. A good electric motor shop can do much of the work, usually for a decent price.
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