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Straight from the book

Here ya go straight from the book . I am assuming you have a 1.5 or 1.9 it is pretty much the same for these.
1. Remove air cleaner (above carburetor)
2. Disconnect fuel and vacuum hoses from the carb.
3.Disconnect 2 hoses from water heated automatic choke (if so equipped). Plug holes so as not to lose coolant.
4.disconnect throttle linkage by unsnapping ball socket from ball on end of throttle shaft.(i used screw driver be carefull ! :D )
5. On manual choke models disconnect bowden cable from carb.
6. Remove nuts and washers fixing carb to intake (should be four of them)
7. remove the carb and gasket from manifold.

Hope this helped!

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With a 3 lb sledgehammer! :D

Removing the linkage can be tricky the first time you do it. There is a small spring clip that snaps around the linkage rod right at the base of the ball socket. It´s probably covered in grease. Use a small screwdriver to push around and unsnap it. Rotate it away from the rod and remove. Put it in a safe place ´cuz you do not want to lose this!! Once the clip is removed, you can push the linkage rod back away from the carb ball nut. (The ball nut is the most valuable part on a Solex. You need it for a Weber conversion)

Next is the 4, 13mm hex nuts. Here you may need to get a little creative with the wrench in the tight spaces. but it is doable. I use an S-shaped wrench and a 1/4 inch drive socket. I´ve even hit the corners of the nut with the end of a screwdriver at times to remove them.
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