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I need to repair my Solex. The kit from OGTS shows hoses that should hook up that mine did not have. Two differences in my setup.

One, instead of the small line from the valve cover to the manifold, both ends were plugged. The valve cover has a small blue rubber or nylon plug in the hole and the manifold has a rubber plug over it. Any harm in leaving it this way? The big line from the valve cover to the air cleaner cover is in place.

Second item is the two lines that are supposed to go from the carb to the charcoal cannister were instead tapped into the vacuum hose from the brake booster. The book says the charcoal cannister is by the battery, but there apprears to be nothing of the sort up there. Should I leave the brake booster line connected to the carb or should I find a charcoal cannister and plumb that in or is there another option?

Both lines to the distributor are in place, but are pretty brittle feeling. Can these simply be replaced by any similar sized line from an auto parts store?

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Previous Owners have a LOT to answer for ......

Don't like the sound of the ex-charcoal canister lines being pludded into the brake booster line - that is the LAST place you want fuel vapour.

The carbon canister is an important part of the breather system for the carb fuel fumes and also the air inlet to the fuel tank. Many late model cars have a carbon canister that can be used. It is located on the cross member in front of the radiator - there should be a special bracket down there.

The lines to the distributor can be replaced with any suitable tubing that will resist oil and also not collapse under vacuum - industrial nylon air line is OK with short bits of rubber line each end to connect it up.


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What I did for a charcoal cannister on Willit? was to go through the books at my local Kragens, these folks have been very helpful on both the GT and the monza, We ran the different cannister part numbers for GM looking for the cheapest that would work and came up with one for around $40. Some were over a $100, and came up with a Rochester Control Products 3-port unit. It has 3 sets of numbers on it so I'll give them all. "PA66", "20341", and "17075840-FL". The ports are labeled "VAC" "PCV", and "FUEL TANK" It is a bit smaller diameter than the original cannister and all plastic with a filter element in the bottom. HTH.
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