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Didn't know whether it was better to start this thread here or in the "Tune-Up" section, but here goes.

I built my latest engine with one of R-Bob's cams and used hydraulic lifters during "run-in". I had already purchased an FAI "Cam Overhaul Kit" for CIH engines from English e-Bay, which included a new "stock" cam and a set of solid lifters.

I swapped the hydraulics for solids the other day and "cold set" them at Bob's recommended .014"I/.016"E valve lash settings. Have done this on many other "Chevy style" valve trains too many times to mention, so I really had no fear of firing the engine after bolting down the valve cover.

Engine fired right up, but what a racket! I knew solids are always noisier than hydraulics because of valve lash clatter, but this was ridiculous. Nothing to do but take another look to see what was going on. :confused:

I immediately found excessive lash on several of the valves and knew that the lock nuts were not the culprit. So I went through my adjustment procedure on all of them again . . . with one small procedural change.

This time I rocked the rocker arms back and forth on their balls during the adjustment to eliminate any extra clearance caused by rocker position. I was a bit surprised at how much difference it made in final lash settings! :eek:

My advice is this: "Forget NOT to rock your rockers during lash adjustment, Gentlemen! "
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