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South East Opel Meet May 4th

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Last year we gathered at the "Oldest and Largest Orphan Show in the
This year the 4 hosting clubs has promised that there will be an Opel
The link below is the flyer from last year for directions.
Look on page 5 of the news letter for the form. You will need Adobe to read it.


Date: May 4,2002
Location:Snevllville GA 11am - 6pm T.W. Briscoe Park
Snellville is located 30 miles east of Atlanta, it was worth the 2.5
hour drive for me.
Let me know (Ken Litke) [email protected] if you plan to attend also
let Rick Kamen (Orphan Vehicle Association)[email protected] if you
plan to attend also.

It's just 3 weeks away, look forward to see you there.
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Not to sound stupid, but.....

Whats an Orphan show?

It is a show for cars that are nolonger in production. General Motors orphan us when they pulled the Opel line from the USA.


And it many be very close to you.
It is

I'd be able to see stone mtn from my house if it wasnt blocked from all the trees.

I dont know where that park is though. Ill have to find it.
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