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134136 rekord/d
134137 rekord/d
138080 rekord/d
170181 rekord/d
172139 rekord/d
309312 rekord/d
309333 rekord/d
310251 rekord/d
310454 rekord/d
310455 rekord/d
312068 rekord/d
322064 rekord/d
350098 rekord/d
352314 rekord/d
352820 rekord/d
353006 rekord/d
353007 rekord/d
353404 rekord/d
353405 rekord/d
408843 rekord/d
522202 rekord/d
522202 rekord/d
522530 rekord/d
550370 rekord/d
550375 rekord/d
606565 rekord/d
606711 rekord/d
614625 rekord/d
646587 rekord/d
669038 rekord/d
684236 rekord/d
724532 rekord/d
732190 rekord/d
738417 rekord/d
766043 rekord/d
826481 rekord/d
848737 rekord/d
849817 rekord/d
902408 rekord/d
914466 rekord/d
914840 rekord/d
1102625 rekord/d
1217357 rekord/d
1217620 rekord/d
1223372 rekord/d
1223373 rekord/d
1226424 rekord/d
1241471 rekord/d
1241942 rekord/d
1270727 rekord/d
1288681 rekord/d
1304604 rekord/d
1404321 rekord/d
1409300 rekord/d
1608039 rekord/d
1609006 rekord/d
1612386 rekord/d
1612386 rekord/d
1612387 rekord/d
1612387 rekord/d
1730761 rekord/d
1752628 rekord/d

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Thanks for the suggestions folks.....but I believe that this was the correct section....since my old posts were "parked" here

Best regards and warmest wishes from Greece!!!

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Please Moderate

15 SEPARATE postings for spare parts in one day??? Really... c'mon moderators. This is what ONE ad with "Many spare parts for..." " model Opel, contact me" is for. :banghead:

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Greece is enduring an economic meltdown as its inability to manage its finances as a country is leading to its likely removal from the Euro-based economic system.
It is anticipated that when the official currency in Greece reverts back to their original drachma that it will suffer a 40% or greater loss in value compared to the Euro.
Citizens have been pulling their money out of their banking system and they are trying to convert their money to more solid foreign currencies, which may have motivated this posting of ads.

The question that could be asked is that if these parts are purchased by persons outside Greece, how will the cost of shipping be calculated and guaranteed in the event shipping rates skyrocket overnight or if there is a transportation worker's strike in the country.

boomerang opeler
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this section of the forum was set up so that all of alpharm's sales posts were kept in one section for easy reference for all opelers , why are you all giving him a hard time ?

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If this is such a problem.....please DELETE ALL of the 15 partial posts (we believe that someone it is better to look in seperately/partial each model according its parts than total which may comfuse him)

The posts are just for rare parts stock availability

We believe in the Opelers collaboration spirit and we are trying to do our best keeping this spirit alive.

Our goal is to help you keep your vehicles running forever and assist you with your project to the best of our ability.

We believe that our services could constitute one still useful tool for Opel parts supply.

In case that your requested part is no more available to our stock or to our system we are able to request it from our 1263 Opel collaborators worldwide

The search parts database is one of the largest databases across Europe.

Our enterprise in the Opel spare parts business still holds the name that is very well known to the local market.
One of our 4 warehouses (from 1/1/2006 4th warehouse) is in the spare parts GM business since 1949 (in continuous operation)

PS:thanks to Anonymous D & Baz

As for the crisis: as we refer to our facebook page
Opel Parts | Facebook

Greek people recognize their mistakes, will regain their pride and confidence, will replace everything that was done in the past and face the new challenge - looking with faith and optimism in the future.

You see we pay a penalty for the corrupted political system.......
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