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hey guys, does any know how much the new opel speeder is i think i want one
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in the UK the VX220(opel speedster) goses from £26008
thats $47845
sorry thats
sorry thats
sorry i cannt keep up with the fall of the doller:D
first price is as of today
not that you can buy one in the USA:(
gary tried to upload clip but dont think it worked
i think its just to big so these poor folks may not get to see the road test
will e-mail it to you .
link for program is
for all the worlds wants and woes it wont happen because GM dont want opel imported to the USA
if they did then they would
there are no problems to make a speedster US legal(or any other opel)
after all they are going to sell a much bastardised copy with the solstice
its just not good sense to sell a product from another div of your own company when you have spent a s**t load of cash to make a lesser product(no offence to otto who has orderd 1) if you then import your better 1 from europe and have to pay the tariffs on it aswell you would only be losing sales of 1 car div to gain for another (company as a whole makes sales but div by div big differences)
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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