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For those among us who use Ebay, it seems that time of year again when they, whoever "They" are try to get into your account. I received 2 emails supposedly from PayPal to log in. On the "Click here" tab it wanted to download and install Chinese Language. Bingo, Bogus. Go to your Paypal account and read, follow, what thay say concerning this. I remember seeing this last year around this time. I have a name for this, but trying to remain nice in my wording. Heads up, Be careful. Jarrell
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Just forward the eMail to [email protected] and Paypal will do their utmost to track down the sender - and FRY their gonads!
They thank you for sending copies of these eMails as each one gives them a little more chance of tracking down and ELIMINATING ( with extreme prejudice! ) the spoofers.

Did exactly as GtJim said as soon as I received the Emails. Ebay/PayPal responed within 2 hours saying it was a fraud and they would investigate. As I said before, this occured around the same time last year. Be careful out there folks. Jarrell
Never, ever click on links for things in EMail.

Always go directly to the page and login the regular way and see if they actually need what was requested. Make a bookmark and use that instead.

You have no idea how many people actually click on those.

IF you have, then change the passwords on all the accounts you have provided and notify the banks that there MIGHT be an intrusion and watch it.
MSN has a similar spoof going around - same thing as a lot of the Ebays and Paypals asking for 'account verification' and the like.
Excelsior is right about never clicking on the links. Just go to the actual site and log in if you are concerned and you'll find out there if a problem exists. The spoofs are getting better and better. They look more like an official email and until you look in the advanced headers even seem to be sent from the site they represent. Anything valid will not ask you to click on a link though.
It get even wierder ones..

Spoofs from Suntrust and Citibank and other banks that I have never even dealt with..

Umm those citibank ones are loaded with viruses/spyware!

MAKE SURE your auto preview pane is TURNED OFF! Even doing that will load the script it wants to run.

If you are in need of an excellent resident virus scanner/spyware/adware blocker, look at www.nod32.com . I have been extremely happy ever since I switched to it and it always finds things that the major ones seem to miss so conveniently.

If you have an Opel that goes like a Mclaren, what's in it?? I want an Opel that's plain stupid fast. My 69 GTO ran like stink, but, shoot, not too reliable...and like 2 miles to the gallon...
I always check the email address that contained the "Spoof". You can tell because they can't get a legitimate email address to match the ones that they say it's from. The one that dome to mind are Amazon, there is always a first part of the address, but if you look closely you will see another address that is different from Amazon. The same thing happens on the phone, You can tell that that the emails and phone calls are fake because they always start out with the term "dear customer" . Amazon and most legit companies have my name and when ever I get anything with a weird address or it start out with "dear customer" or a recording on the phone stating a $500.00 charge is on your account and call this number to dispute it. These Jackasses have nothing to do but scam hard working people. Be aware and try not to fall for a scam.

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Bob's nickname could be Jesus at the rate he is reviving the dead. LOL
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Bob's nickname could be Jesus at the rate he is reviving the dead. LOL
LOL I was a little surprised too, haven't heard from soybean in quite sometime
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LOL I was a little surprised too, haven't heard from soybean in quite sometime

Haven't heard from our friend "" Dan" DPRE Either... He's account has changed names
He has posted nothing,, hope he's OK ... he really like to send out Like's.to everybody ..think he holds the record LOL:rolleyes:
and profile says read only,, what Sup with Dat??? Maybe his moved underground.. taking a Low Profile now..
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HUMM you know your right, I too hope he is well. Odd, as you say how his account has changed. I would assume that is something that only the account holder can change . Right?
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