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Probably one of the most useful tools to when working on the GT's front suspension is J-21689, which is no longer available but is shown in the Factory Service Manual (FSM).
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Keith Wilford in the following thread created his own version of this tool. The below pictures detail the idea. There is one shortcoming to the stock design, it relies on the bracket attached in the middle on the bottom of the spring. If this fails, then the tool wouldn't work.

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Another forum member, I can't remember who, created their own spring compressor to avoid this potential problem, however the basic idea is the same.
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With the suspension out of the car, I managed the trick with a 1"x3" length of maple and a pair of large "C" clamps, all from my local Lowe's. Important to use a hardwood as a pine board may not be sufficient. I replaced the spring with the lowering spring from OGTS that does not require the tool for installation.

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And just for grins here is another variation of Keith's original design
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And if anyone would like to build there own, here's a pdf


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