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I got a chance to blow the cobs out of Celeste.I am driving to st louis for 2 days...500 miles roundtrip

I will be near "ted drews" in st louis on friday helping my brother in law with his new house.if any st loius opelers want to meet for a bit on friday ...that would be great..sat am might work too.

I am going to go by columbia mo. on sat am to show TRUMAN my body work on celeste and help him get his avatar up on the opelgt.com site.

my wife is going to follow me in her car with the kids about an hour later...so i should have a ride.and not get stranded...

I am taking a box of parts,ohm meter,fuses,wire,jumpers,usual tools...small chiefs flag on window...mechanically i will not have any trouble...electrical gremlin- I turn on my heater fan...
then the fuse blows to my coil wire..so I wont do that..

I will be offline...my cell is 816 853 2207..

ps:as we opelers say:filled up last night ..high test of course"

ROAD TRIP!..hole in my resonator will make it all the better.

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24 degrees and no heater fan..500 miles

A Fair Question:
"why is your foot in a sink of hot water at the 7-11 in columbia Mo?"

answer"I think my big toe is froze?"At this point I changed into my
insulated coveralls that i brought for possible use...my heater works but the fan switch is bad and with all the air leakage
it was brutal on the feet.

(I got talked into watching the playoff on saturday on st louis TV...titans/ravens
therefore I left st louis heading into an ice storm...)

traffic comments follow:

I know i dont have a lot of power....but I had at least a dozen minivans pass me full of kids (some pulling uhauls to boot....)..

whats the hurry...trying to get home before the roads freeze solid?...its 30 degees and wet??YIKES!..my small first aid kit and
fire extinguisher will not fit "you -alls need"..i dont have any tourneqets with me...but i can use a boy scout neckerchief and a hockey stick for your soon to be amputated leg.

i know my car may not be the safest..but at least I got an opelbrain...it attached to only body I am going to get...why dont midwest folks slow down..i know we dont get ice that often...

one thing I want to figure out?where is all the air leakage coming from? depending on wind and direction..I would catch a cold breeze
directly into the cabin...in the summer it is engine heat...

500 mile round trip...only needed a little black tape for a uncooperative wiper..she purred the entire way on octane 91
and the cold river bottom air...the 34 year old car is awesome..
I know some would not drive it in these conditions but..we are making up for lost time.
I am sorry i could not connect with truman and some of the st louis opelers..may be next time..the door swings both ways ya know


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Sorry to hear about your cold ride, bucky. Sounds like a firewall grommet is out of place. Got good door rubbers, right? As far as the mini vans, lots of power in those alumninum FI V6's. The other-half has one and I'd like to put that motor in my #2 GT. And there are just TOO many idiot drivers all over the country. I grew up up in NJ, lived in Ca for 8 years and 20 in Ks, it's all the same.

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Long time no talk. Sorry about the delay...

Yea, Friday it was close to 70's and when I left the house last night, it was 19 degrees F. I just noticed that it's 12.

I know I should have been glassing my GT's spoiler Friday, but too many other things got in the way from the holidays.

We'll see how the Chiefs fair this weekend against the Colts.

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Home team

houserc said:

. . .

We'll see how the Chiefs fair this weekend against the Colts.
Sorry, but it looks like the home team didn't fare too well. :(
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