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Hey everyone- first post! Disclaimer- I'm very new to all things mechanical so bear with me.
I have a 74' Opel Manta (automatic) that was my great grandmothers. Instead of letting it rust out on my mothers property, I decided to fix 'er up.
We even hit our 24,000th mile today! (Started at about 21,000.)

It's been here with me in Pittsburgh for about a week now and I've been using it as my daily commuter (about 10 miles round trip) to work. It runs great, except on hills. In an attempt to give it a little more power while I try to locate a local chassis dyno, I added lead additive once the tank was nearly empty before a refill to see if that would help at all. I took her for a drive about 2 hours later and now is stalling so much it's not drivable. I can't keep the RPMs up while idling. Also, when coasting- it will make a single putting sound which is new.

Any help is super appreciated, especially if there are any fellow Pittsburghers here that could direct me to somewhere that I could get a good reading on the car.



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