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Well, I HATE it when a site starts by asking me to install some software that I don't otherwise want. And even worse, it starts popping up new pages almost as fast as I can close them. Sorry, but I think I might avoid your site because of the pop-ups and such.


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ah, so it does have a lot of pop-ups. I use a google pop-up blocker which does away with all of those. I may have to search for a new site to host it then. Sorry.

Any opinions on a good host for a webpage?


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Personal Web Space & E-mail

When you sign up for Internet access, your account is normally given free personal web space, free e-mail accounts, etc.

This is the standard package for Cable access, DSL, and Dial-up accounts across the country.

Example: if you used SBC as your Internet Service Provider, your personal web site address could be: http://www.sbcglobal.net/~
and your name after the (~).

All cable companies / ISPs should offer this without being a hosting company. Give them a call!

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Check out www.godaddy.com

They charge 3.95 a month for the minimum. They are also very reasonable domain registration fees.

Another place is www.networksolutions.com

They charge $11.50 per month with email address forwarded where you want them. They also have a package of $1.50 @ month per web page and $2.00 @ month for email address.

It looks like your current website is supported by all the popups. I agree with Keith. I couldn't shut down the pop-up windows fast enough. (I've never seen so many cat ads up on my screen.) Also, you might look at the size of your pages. Your "skip intro" is not visible on the size browser window I open up.

A good rule of thumb for the default web page is, never make your users sit through some flash or animated presentation. If it takes any time at all to download, you've lost your viewer, in most cases, forever. Also, reentry to the site irritates users having to see the same presentation or find the skip intro button. For those developing sites, you only have about 3 seconds to get your viewers attention. Anything more and they'll navigate to the next site.
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