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The wiring on my GT has ben changed by a previous owner in the engine compartment. The wire that should run from the coil to the engine side of the starter solenoid is missing. Is is necessary?
The resistor wire seems to have been replaced at some point. With a Bosch coil is it necessary? What are it's required spec's (length?, resistance?, gage?). Does it drop the voltage from the alternator to the coil?
Instead of the wire from the coil to the solenoid there are two wires that come out of the wire harness which each attach to one side of the solenoid.
Any ideas as to what was done here? Would this arrangement tend to burn out the alternator (it doesn't seem to put out current right now)? Or would it prevent the battery from charging?
The battery itself seems fine but when it sits, it seems to slowly discharge. I want to correct any faulty wiring.
Which wire to the solenoid is always "hot", the one on the outside or the one on the engine side?


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Easiest first: do a search on 'Pertronix' somewhere in the performance section, I think. There you will find an explanation on the resistor wire. The wire from the coil to solenoid is to provide a full 12 volts to the coil at start up. Mine was disconnected for years.

The same 'Pertronix" thread will tell you about the coil and how to test it.

The only other answer I can give is: outside. The wire on the engine side is the coil/solenoid wire.

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When the starter is "cranking" the blade connector closest to the engine should supply power to the coil, effectively bypassing the resistor wire. When the engine is running, the coil is powered thru the resistor wire. If your resistor wire has been replaced to power a 12 volt coil, then it should be connected to "run" power and not from "start" power.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong!

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