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Car started yesterday, but not today. I've checked the forum and found little.

My car has the Ottostart.

When I went to start this morning, heard was a "click" on the start position, but the starter would not engage. Everything else functioned normally within the car.

I tried the screwdriver to the coil. It sparked and made a loud humming noise.

There appeared to be a copper wire from a post below the center post; However, that wire has almost completely degraded.

Any ideas?
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I believe the degraded wire causes the starter to spin. If this is shot, then your starter won't spin. The solonoid on top is probably causing the starter gear to engage the flywheel, but the degraded wire is not getting enough current to the starter for it to spin. You should take the starter out and give it to a shop. They may be able to replace the wire or you could do a complete rebuild.
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