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starting over witha cd player?????

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as you all know my cd player is junk.... if i take it back and get a different one and hook it up like this will it work properly????
1. disconnect the battery
2. hook yellow wire to the 4th fuse
3. hook red to any of the fuses on the left side
4. hook black wire to the chassis.
5 hook up speakers.
the whole sound system is 160 watts. no amp or subs.
i need to know if i do it over will it work for more then two days???
i had my wiring buddy come over and he told me there was a short in internal amp??? Like i know what that means....
so im going to take it back and hook it up right... so im asking you all will it work like it is sopposed to...
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I don't know the exact fuse location but what you need is to find a power supply that is hot when the car is turned off and one that is hot when you turn the ignition on. All the rest of the accessories should be off- headlights,blower, signals, park lights, wipers... I'm telling you this in particular because of the headlight incident. You will also need a good ground and good wire paths for your speakers. Make sure your speaker wires are not grounded . Make a test light. All you need is an automotive 12v bulb and two wires. Hook it up to a power supply and connect it to your speaker wires one at a time. If the light comes on, your speaker wire is grounded. Disconnect your speaker wires from the speaker and the wire harness from the back of the radio before you test. You can also use the test light to find your power supplies too. Do you have a volt/ohm meter? If not, get one, they are cheap (20$ at walmart) and very usefull. A test light is cheap and usefull too, but they are easy to make. Good luck with this second attempt. PS, I admire your fortitude :) That's the way things get done!
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