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I have a '72 GT and I have completely gutted the whole inside. When I go to try and start the car it won't start. But if I put a jumper on the fuse box, and connect it to the two center nuts it will start. The one side of the fuse box has no power to it when the car is cranking or even when the key is turned on.

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I just overhauled my entire electrical system so it's still fresh.
The two rearward nuts are connected to the hot post on the starter and are normally constant hot. The forward pair of nuts are hooked to the alternator and they are normally constant hot because the front pair and back pair are connected by the ameter in the dash. You said gutted interior, did this include dash work? make sure ameter is still connected.
If you are talking about jumping from nuts to start solenoid then you have problems with the power to the ignition switch and back.
everybody with a gt should go and download wiring diagrams @

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