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May regular gear lubricant be subsituted for "Calcium Soap No 2"?

In step #5 of the reassembly of the steering gear, the factory service manual (GT 1973) calls for using calcium soap ... "Place sintered bronze shell into steering gear housing and fill adjusting hole with Calcium Soap No. 2."

My knowledge of "calcium soap" is that it's just a cheap grease and I'm curious as to what special properties it has that are needed in this particular application. Though I'm sure A. Opel had a purpose in mind for using it. I plan on using "Mobil 1 Synthetic Grease."

This project started with only cleaning the rack, however, I discovered that the rubber boot that fits around the pinion shaft was brittle and cracked and ... to replace the boot requires removal of the pinion shaft. I figured that I might as well clean the whole thing when I remove the pinion shaft.


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my haynes just says smear rack with a little medium grease
no mention of calcium soap no 2
it may be a regional thing
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