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Steering Wheel Replacement

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i purchased a new steering wheel for my Gt from Nardi.... any have any sugestions for removing the stock gt wheel without having a custom wheel puller??

Han anyone else installed the Nardi steering wheel?? How did it go? what did you use to pull the gt wheel??


Joe Van Wagnen
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steering wheel puller

i was lucky ehough i had a puller around its the same one used on the bitters and several others it works like a charm if u can get one. it also has a little ball bearing in the center screw part which keeps it from slipping when u tighten it down. i have heard u can get a type of pilot bearing remover that will do the same trick. i also saw a pic of a custom one looks pretty easy to make.also which wheel did u get from nardi.
I bought the wood grain one..... i think ill try and make a puller.... looks pretty easy
OK, who is Nardi?

Can you provide any info?

Nardi/Personal are the same, MOMO is another, as is Grant. You do searches on EBAY and should get a few hits.
Custom Hub

When you installed the Nardi did you need a custom steering hub to install it? I was thinking of purchasing one of those myself and was just curios as you already had one!

I had both a Nardi/Personal and a MOMO steering wheel for my Sportwagon, but, the adaptor I have is for a Nardi/Personal. I had a gunsmith friend of mine machine a adaptor for the adaptor so I could use the MOMO on the Nardi/Personal. MOMO has adaptors for their adaptors to run Nardi/Personal wheels on them, but, not the other way around. But, with the piece my friend made I can. I traded the MOMO wheel for a carpet set for my wife's Sportwagon, nice trade. But, I kept the machined adaptor in case I run across another nice MOMO wheel.
So the Nardi Wheels do require an adaptor? Any one know where I can acquire one?

The Nardi wheel i bought comes with the hub adapter and all the stuff to mount it to the opel.... you can buy them on ebay under the gt section
Hub adapter

Joe, how well did that hub adapter fit? Is it a lot smaller around than the GT steering column?
This really has nothin' to do with the steering wheel. I would like to ask opelgt722002: Got any pics of that GT under your name? Liked to see them if you do! :)
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