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Stienmetz Watt's Linkage

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Does anyone have a Stienmetz Watt's Linkage installed on their rear suspension?
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Theoretical Advantage

The Watt's linkage has some theoretical advantages in that the diff is not "sawed" sideways during rear suspension travel. OK for large suspension movements in Rallye cars but not necessary for ordinary road use - the Panhard rod fitted copes with street use quite well. As long as the Panhard Rod is set up parrallel to the road surface while the suspension is at rest the movement is minimal - but is one of the reasons for the "soft" location of the front of the torque tube; it has to be able to cope with complex movement.

Here is a pic of the Steinmetz set up ( not on my GT, BTW )


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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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