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stock fuel injection vs carb

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I will be getting my hands on a '75 Ascona shortly. I also have a killer motor that I'm dying to use. It's a Tom Thevenin built European 2.0 with the 2.2 crank. Head is the middle model 1.9 hydraulic lifter head with stage II cam(286 duration, 420 lift). Will this work with the fuel injection or should I ditch it all and put in a 38 dgas Weber? By the way, it is an automatic transmission. I obviously don't know anything about fuel injection, can somebody help me out here? :confused:
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go FI just jump in with both feet

in six months you will be an expert

yeah on the stock 75 FI the motor needs to be in good condition

if you have any doubt go with carbs

i had a guy with a 75 wagon tell me that a 260Z ECU will work in an Opel

never tried it

But keep that in mind when looking for parts.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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