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stop oil leaks?????

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there are many products that say they stop oil leaks. i found that they can cost from 2 bucks a bottle to 24 bucks a bottle. they say they fix oil leaks for good. and that they will will not harm your car or clog it up. but most say that it only works on rubber seals. has anyone ever tried this stuff and if so does it work? any known problems? thanks

By the way what are all the rubber seals and gaskets on the opel engine?
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you have a gt.. you need to talk to opelbits as that is his specialty however the valve covers leak near the back of the engine he tells me as unlike the efficant manta the tighten down bolts for the cover on the ornery GT are very hard to get too. This leak causes oil to dribble down the back of the engine and spread making you think that you have a blown seal.

valve cover gasket 5 bucks at advance auto parts..
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