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strange movement of lower control arm

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A few days ago I had my '74 manta lifted off the ground and decided to check the front suspension;

Well, is this movement normal - if i turn the steering quite fast, so it hits the "bump stop" at full turn, the lower control arm rotates (hard to tell... hmm, it doesn't lift up or down or it doesn't bend forward/backwards, it just rotates over the axis which goes from the bushing to the hub); - I can draw some pictures to clear things up if someone wants...

So, is my assumption, that the lower control arm bushings are worn correct? Could this also be related to uneven height of the vehicle (0,7inch higher right side, springs are new), and also the car sometimes lightly pulls to the right when braking


oh, by the way, does anyone have pictures and measurments of PU bushings for manta A, because I'd like to make them myself, but don't want to mess things up :) I would really appreciate this!

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I think you got it right. Sounds like twisting in the bushing cups. You should be able to joggle them by putting a large screwdriver or small bat under the bushing nut to detect movement there.
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