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I moved this thread to the "Other Models" forum, because, well, it's another model. We all like to help out other Opel owners around the world with their "non-classic" Opels (or Vauxhalls, or Brasilian Chevy's, or Holdens, or whatever), but the main purpose of this site is to provide assistance to the owners of "classic" Opels, specifically:

1968-1973 Opel GT
1964-1965 Kadett A
1966-1971 Kadett B
1971-1975 Manta A
1971-1975 1900 (known as "Ascona" outside the US)
1957-1960 P1 and P2

Hey, now that I write this, I realize I had to "borrow" the description above from the [email protected]! site. There is a bit of a "mission statement" at the bottom of our home page:

The Opel Community on OpelGT.com and ClassicOpels.com is open to all classic Opels including:The Opel GT, Opel Manta, Kadett, Ascona, Olympia, and Opel Senator and models not imported to the U.S.

Sorry, there isn't a timing belt among them. But for what's worth, coming from a person who has never re-built an engine with a timing belt, I would first buy a decent service manual, and determine if your engine is an "interference" design (where the valves and pistons do bad things to each other when they get out of sync, such as a Honda DOHC). If not, then a new belt should do it. If so, well, start looking for another engine.

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