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Swappable parts, Wiper nut and clutch clip

a tiny contribution

Nothing like having your beloved Opel come to a screeching halt because you are missing a $.19 part. For example the clutch cable clip on a manta or the windshield washer arm nut that keeps the wipers from falling through to under the dash.

On the wiper nut. Don’t bother with the usual suspects I.E.; BMW, Porsche Mercedes, VW or the Chevete. All have something close (well not the Chevete) but not a working match. However the Isuzu trooper wiper nut will work. It is a bit thicker but at least it is metal.

While being a junk yard dog wiper nut hunting when over trying old AMC section I found that an old AMC Eagle wagon has a clip on it wipers arm in front of it’s nut. The one I took was an exact match for our manta clutch cable clips. The good news is if you find an old AMC, chances are it will have two clips! So stock up.

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