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Well, that's close, and they have most of it, but in the sequence I use you should disconnect the battery, gotta pull the speedo cable and the two wires attached to the ammeter, BTW they are hot with the battery connected, note which wire goes where or the gage will operate backwards. Disconnect the two plugs from the steering column to the side of the fuse panel and 5 from the instrument panel. Remove the 4 bolts holding the steering column to the dash. Pull the flasher can out of the holder behind the dash and the two screws holding the panel to the dash supports below the flasher can, one on each side, there's a removable plug on the passenger side. Take out the 7 screws in the face of the instrument panel. Then very carefully remove the panel. It may hang up on a couple of the sheetmetal clips the screws go into. And the heater control panel doesn't have to come out, but be very careful around it, the plastic is extremely brittle and can crack just by looking at it wrong. HTH.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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