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Hey Group:

Thanks to Marc and family for hosting our last get-together of the season.
It was nice finally meeting "jlthunder", too! And Jim B still has that certain "glow" about him ;-)
Lee Anne and I had a great time - and the weather was beautiful for an east coast November.
Thanks, too, for the "enlightening" you guys gave me !!!!!!!
Jeff followed us to within five minutes from home - we made it
home without any further problems. I guess it wouldn't be an Opel event without either rain or a problem of some sort, right ?

After the holiday rush, how about we start on a loose schedule of events for next season?

Rick & Lee Anne

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Glad to see you made it home safely.

I really appreciate everyone coming out to the house yesterday. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. It's amazing how much you learn by just talking & listening.

Special kudos go out to my super wife Anne for providing all the provisions with only a little more than a moments notice.

It was great to see more than 1 Opel in my driveway for a change and we even got to see a 1955 Nomad on its maiden voyage to boot!

Hope everyone has a great Holiday & I think planning out some events would be a great idea. Hopefully some of the other semi-local members will be able too join us too!


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Hey Marc and Anne, great job hosting for us all yesterday. Kudos to both of you for your hospitality. I had a fantastic time and I think everyone else did too.
Thanks for the compliment Rick, I think we all had a glow from discussing one of our favorite topics. Glad you made it home ok, let me know if I can help out somehow with your repair.
JLThunder, next time we get to see the GT right? I should have got a pic of that jersey you brought, doh!

Thanks again Marc and Anne! :cool:

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I would like to thank Marc and his family for hosting the latest gathering of T.O.O. The food was great and pleantiful. What would an event without something happening:) . I glad we all were able to remedy the problem. It was very "enlighting":)

I was glad to see a variety of GT's. It is amazing how even the same year has differences. I never knew that early 72's don't have the brake indicator on the parking brake, but late 72's and 73's do, stick or automatic. I love learing something new about these cars.

I want to thank Marc for finding the visors I was looking for. Hopefully I will win the bid!! I would also like to thank Marcs family for watching my little boy while we fixed Rick's problem. He had a blast.


Rick, after you resolve your electrical problem, I'm sure we would all like to know what caused it.

For the spring, there is a british car company in Perkasie PA which hosts an open house with free food. They don't mind other imports. We can surround them with Opels. I will keep everyone updated as they post their date.
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