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Here's your chance to start racing in the 24 Hours of Lemons, cheap!

From Facebook...

William Thompson said:
The time has come to sell our beloved breadvan, this car is a crowd pleaser!

It started life as a 1971 Opel gt and had some clever body work added by the Master Darren Besic. To replicate the famous Ferrari breadvan of the 60’s we did a custom wrap with vintage plates, stickers and even 4 dual webers on the hood.

It is powered by a naturally aspirated ford 2.3 out of a Ranger that is mated to a t-5 transmission. The motor was over hauled a little over a year ago, we had a little cam modification done, with upgraded rockers, but for the most part it is very stock. This engine has great torque. It is a momentum car and is very light weight, I believe the last time I weighed it it was sub 2k with me in it, as such she is very easy on fuel brakes and tires. If you keep your speeds through he corners it can keep up with 90% or more of the field, we are able to get it under 2 at Ginger man easily

After 5 successful seasons, just kind of lost our drive to field the car. I have been invited to another team, and my partner is looking to downsize his commitments so we have decided to sell.

This car has bmw front vented rotor disk brakes and it has a rear alfa Romeo rear axle with limited slip rear end. The brakes work flawlessly and the pads last easily 2 lemons races because of the light weight and good handling. The diff shaft seal has a drip and the tranny rear seal has a drip since we have owned it. We just just refill it every race and its never given us any issues.

The car has won class b 2 times with my partner and I and they moved us to Class A. I am not sure if the judges would keep the car in A with a new team or not, I don’t have control on that. I will tell you that you will not find a more forgiving, or fun Rear wheel drive car to drive. Most people that drive it exit with a perma grin on their face.

We purchased a new fire system before last year and it is still in the box and comes with the package. It also has new front wheel bearings, newish ball joints all around and a new clutch. My partner has been endurance racing for 30+ years and we do everything with the eye towards finishing. The package will come with an EXTENSIVE spares package of just about anything that can go wrong in a weekend. This includes spare hubs, rotors, calipers, uprights, clutch cable, starter, complete engine, carb, several sets of pads, etc. I (I did say just about anything lol) We even have a BRAND new remanufactured head still in the shipping crate for her. The tires on the car have a few small enduros (another club under 3 hour races) there is also a brand new set of tires mounted on spare rims. So basically 2 brand new sets of rubber, There is also a set of rain tires mounted. The bolt pattern is adapted to 4x100 and most of the rims we have are from my miata racing days. The cage was 2019 legal, not sure they will do anything different for 20. We had the car wired for a night race years ago, but some of that wiring has been taken out. We will include the awesome $400 Rigid brand LED lights.

Included in the sale will be a folder of all the build photos, that show the fuel cell etc

I am sure there is much I am forgetting, and will probably add as time goes on. Essentially you will be buying a ready to run car and all the brakes and tires needed for your next couple of races. As is, it is a blast to drive, or go nuts and install a decent modern twin cam or turbo and you will have a rocket ship. .

The car is stored in Racine Wi and that is where a buyer would need to pick up. PS. Bring a van because we have a lot of spares!

Car, tires, wheels and spares $3,995.00

Gman with Bob driving https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHDRnjcTZ_U


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