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The Coronado Classic Speed Festival

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October 8th and 9th 2005 as a part of the San Diego Fleetweek and Holiday Bowl weekend the Antique car races are happening on Coronado Island

For details go to http://www.fleetweeksandiego.org/event37.htm

If you are coming we need to know now.
To have space for the members cars on the tarmac and get passes for our Opel club, I need a count so I can get us all special parking passes.
There are now 1300 car club members already reserving spaces so we need to do this ASAP. We will park together as a club right on the tarmac.

The tickets can be purchased by each individual at full price $25.00 for one day or $30.00 for both days.
Ron DeLozier has offered to purchase tickets through MWR at the 50% discount for all of us so to take advantage of his kindness I need people to PAY in advance now, via Pay Pal or call USA Opel with a credit card or snail mail a check to Jim Marchitto.
For all our USA Opel contact information go to the website USAOpel.com
Email [email protected]
We could have 40 + cars there if everyone who owns an Opel shows up from the San Diego Club area.

Hope to see you all there. An Evite will be sent out asap, as well as email to all in the SDOMC just to make sure no one is left out i.e. Bonnie and Klien etc etc :)
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O.K. folks, here's the final head count from Jim. 10 one day tix, 7 two day tix. I'll be getting them tomorrow and checking out the meeting place to pass them out. Right now, we've pretty much agreed to meet at 7:45 a.m. Saturday, and Sunday, if needed. Here's the tentative directions: Coming off the Coronado-Bay Bridge, at the first stop light (Orange Ave.), turn right, go to the end of Orange Ave. 3-4 blocks, turn right again. Look for the Ferry Landing parking lot on the left, within a block of Orange.. After the tix and Coral Passes are handed out, we will convoy back to Orange Ave, turn right on Third St. and go to the base for the festivities. As I said, I'll be checking out the parking lot tomorrow and give out more explicit directions on the actual location. Now for the folks coming in from Arizona, to chop off a few miles going to Coronado, instead of going I-8 to I-5 South, then over the bridge on State 75, take I-15 South from I-8, then I-5 North about a mile to State 75. It's about 5 miles closer that way.
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Alrighty, there now there then. I just got back from picking up the tix and double checking the directions to the pickup point. Here's the real deal: Coming off Big Blue (that's the bridge for non-locals), first stop light (Orange Ave.), turn right, go two blocks to 1st St, turn right again, go to the end of the tall condos, right before B St., turn into the parking lot on the left. I'll try and get there a bit learlier than 7:45 so I can look for Opels coming in the lot and I'll flag you down. As soon as a head count is done and every one is ready to head for the festivities, we'll go back to Orange Ave, turn right on 3rd St.and stay on it to the base. Hopefully we can all stick together and go through the Main Gate as a group. It'll be a real blast.
Yeah Manny I only took 8 pics, forgot the camera the first day, So I only got a pic of one GT. The others are of the parade lap with the pace car of the various classes that ran the races, and some of the 2000 cars on display. Look for them in the forums. events, under: San Diego Opel Club event Oct 8th and 9th
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