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I just came across the concept cars that Opel has available from http://www.opel.com/design/index_en.htm

I have to say that Opel might very well be poised to make a powerful return to the US market with the likes of the Speedster and this GTC Geneve.

My impression of this car is this is what Honda wanted the new Civic Si and the Acura RSX to be... but Honda missed.

Impressions on this car? Impressions on Opel returning to the US (other than the Caddy CTS)?

As always, if the powers that be produce these cars, I hope that it doesn't lose too much in the translation.

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thats an old page
the speedster is on sale as the opel 220 (or vauxhall {uk} ) in 2.2 litre
and the new 2. turbo

the gtc is on sale shortly as the opel/vauxhall astra coupe

dont know the engin sizes yet but should be 1.4 litre to
2.0 litre turbo all fuil injected

the crying shame is the lines are better on the station wagon!!!
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