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the gt is awesome-thanks to all

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4 days ago the 70 gt was in san diego ca..2000 driven miles later it is in my driveway,as my brother picked it up for me on route to a trip....leaking gas tank and stiff clutch were the only bumps in the road.No AAA tow needed and no fedex of parts needed..pretty amazing for a 33 year old car.

it has been 30 years since I drove an opel manta...I had forgotten how
fun it was.I bought this gt car sight unseen but trusted photos and mechanical records...wow..these gts are solid cars.car feels very heavy ..

I drove it tonight at 1 am for the first time and I see why opel gt will live forever.The sounds the weber makes...the bucket lights and beautiful french steel bodiwork is "way cool"

I want to thank Wilford and Jared frog vette for helping me trouble shoot problems ..thanks again for this web site.
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Congrats. You must share some pix with us in the gallery.
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