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Kathryn (aka California Kat, famous on the Classicopels list) blew on through Calgary this afternoon on her way back from California. As luck would have it, I had been contacted this weekend by another Canuck Opeler, John McInnis (aka jpiper on the www.OpelGT.com site) from Ottawa, who happened to be in Calgary on family business. As further luck would have it, John was staying at his sister's house, a stone’s throw away. Literally. Well, no more than a decent fairway drive, for sure. Right in Edgemont, the suburb of Calgary that I live in. Small world.

Since I never pass on the chance to drag a bunch of (admittedly rare) Canadian Opelers together, I played hooky from work for the afternoon and met Kat, John and John Warga (aka FTL on both sites)at my house.

Kat arrived in fine form, with her GT full to the top with her travelling gear and a few Opel parts. Including a Getrag that John Warga had purchased from OGTS, who Kat had visited while in California. Good visiting was had by all, many stories told, of which few are available for public consumption. Well, maybe for the right price. And to keep it all sane, I was able to perform another “fix” on Kat’s GT, by repairing a stripped windshield wiper arm, and removing the vacuum check valve that Otto so correctly requested be removed. I just CAN'T resist an Opel in need. Even if it isn't really in need.

And here’s a picture of the event. John Warga is the one doing the Getrag bench press. John McInnis is the one without the hat. Kat is neither of the above. And no comments about the snow. Spring is finally here in Calgary, with forecast highs of +15 C (60 F) all week, so it will be all gone soon enough.

Keith Wilford


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