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okay - I have a question!

My '72 Ascona has developed a suspension squeak on the driver's side front. I've checked all the suspension bolts, grommets, et al, but have not found anything out of whack.

Moreover, I checked the balljoints and tie rod ends for looseness, and found none. The front end is tight and true, so I'm hesitant to tear it apart in search of a squeak.

I've been on the hunt for rattles and squeaks - found a persistent one in the trunk where the torsion rods were rubbing together...the plastic sheaths that prevent this had moved over the past 30 years!

Anyway, I liberally sprayed the assembly with WD-40 a few days ago. After letting them soak, a run to work had no effect on the squeak. I'm still running OEM balljoints (no zerk fittings) and I can't recall if I replaced them ten years back - they may still be the origs.

Any thoughts?

in search of a squeak-free car,

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