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Think its Cold where you're At

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I couldn't resist this. This is part of article from the local paper this morning. Yup. Its cold baby. Afflicted me too. Cherokee won't start and I have a frozen pipe in the house.:mad:
The boss just told me he just checked and we are warmer than Churchill Manitoba...home of the polar bear watchers!

Scientist says South Pole is warmer than North Dakota
By the Associated Press
Allan Ashworth says his visit to Antarctica was like a tropical getaway from his hometown of Fargo.

The North Dakota State University geology professor recently returned from six weeks at the bottom of the world, about 300 miles northeast of the South Pole.

"It was balmy compared to here," Ashworth said, by telephone from Fargo on Wednesday.
Middle portion deleted by me!
Gary Enslinger, a biologist at the 59,000-acre J. Clark Salyer National Wildlife Refuge near Upham, in northern North Dakota, said temperatures there reached 41 below early Wednesday, with a wind chill factor of 71 below.
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Holy Smkoes! You're right in the middle of Fin country. Can you say Laplander? Time to fire up the old sauna. Reminds me of a winter survival trip we took in college. To your neck of the woods...Boundary waters. 7 days. Coldest raw temps they had seen in over 10 years. Breakfast consisted of something called hot Gorp. 1/4 stick of butter in each Sierra cup. Sounds gross but man did you need the calories. Slept and a piece of plastic on the ground. Finally figured out a wakeup routine. Open sleeping bag just enough to put on the Sorels then run like hell down to the lake in your long johns and do a fast jumping jacks then run back.

Last night in the field we took a REAL (woodburning) sauna with wool socks on. Why the socks you ask?
Because you had to run down to the lake and jump into a hole cut in the ice. Wool socks protected your feet from getting cut by the ice crystals.

First one sucked.. big shock. Third dunk, I actually stayed in the water a bit. Then stood on the lake with a buddy butt naked (except the socks) in the middle of February for 20 minutes admiring the Northern lights. AAhhh college days:D
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