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Third-Fourth Syncro and Other Vega Transmission Parts

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Third-Fourth Syncro

Apparantly the commonly destroyed 3-4 syncro in the Opel 4-speed is the same one used in some Vega applications. The Opel part # for the 3-4 syncro from 70-75 is 667181 and the Vega part # is the same. Strangely enough the part # for the 68-69 1-2 and 2-3 syncronizer is the same. They cost $8.45 20 years ago, dont you wish you had bought a few?
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The early Vega tranny is a 6-cylinder Opel gearbox.

The current replacement for the Opel 3rd/4th gear syncro is the 5th gear synchro from a Fiero 5-speed transaxle (Getrag-built). Same exact part, same part number. In fact, the wrapper for the 5th gear synchro says ´Opel Russelsheim´ right on it. Last time I bought them , they were about $36.

There are more transmission parts from the Vega that fit the Opel fourspeed according to the Chassis and Body Parts Catalog Opel and GT Effective February 1977 by GM. Herre are some of those listings:

C.T. with 1.5-1.9 Engin

68-75 All 1.5-1.9 Eng. COVER for trans. case (Vega & Opel # -8957606)
68-75 All 1.5-1.9 Eng. CLUSTER GEAR, countershaft (13-16-20-23 teeth) Vega and Opel # 2877408 -- (4.421)
COUNTER GEAR BEARING ROLLER (kit Vega aand Opel # 3443736)
WASHER trans. counter gear thrust (Vega and Opel #3442446)
COUNTERSHAFT(Vega and Opel # 3442445)
Main Drive Gear WASHER (spacer ring)trans. counter gear bearing roller(17 X 10.8 X22mm)( 1 15/64" thick) Vega # 6634858.
GEAR, 1st speed 27-31 teeth (Vega and Opel #2897722) for all 69-75 from 69 trans. No. 136-9.
the list goes on.
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