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thnks for the stories

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Just checked in tho see what's new and read the stories. Those were great guys! Keep 'em coming. Brings back some memories of my younger days.

Just about made a trip to the chiropractor the other day (head snap and all) as I eyeballed someone driving a Gold GT in my town. Opel Gts in North Dakota are a rareity.

Quick Q. Did the 69 ever come with optional side moulding (you know the crom stuff that protects your door from being smacked by others)? My 69er has it and looks to be original as it hasn't been repainted.
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It could have been a dealer add on or added by the previous owner. My '69 had some on it when I got it in 1977.
re: stories -

Thanks. The reason some of us oldsters drive 'em is it brings back memories of a younger time. To be honest, I feel 19 whenever I slide behind the wheel.

As for the '69 - I *think* the orange1.1 liter I had did not have the trim. It's been a long time. Dealers did like goobering them up to make an extra buck - whitewalls anyone?
Thanks for the reply guys. Appreciate it!
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