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Timing Chain

Well after weeks of trying to get the engine going by pouring different compounds into the cylinders to free the rings (low compression) I have decided to replace the rings and have the valves done. I am about to take the head off, and I'm at the stage where the timing chain has to be removed.

Here are my question(s).

1)How do I line up the cam and crank when it comes to re-install.

2)Do I have to take the water pump off so that I can see the crank sprocket?

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your first question i would have to refer to my book, i'll do that when i go back to the garage tonight, and for the second question, yes you have to take off the water pump. then there will be one bolt behind the water pump for the timing cover, which has to be removed to get to the crank sprocket, timing chain, and tensioners.

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quote from my book in exact words unless in parenthesis and i will be starting at step 3 because first 2 steps are common sense.(remove radiator, ect.

3. remove the cylinder head as previousely described (i'm sure you can do this)
4. remove the alternator belt and alternator support bracket.
5. remove fuel pump.
6. remove distributor. Unbolt and remove chain tensioner assembly from timing chain cover.(i dont know this step, i never removed anything from the timing cover when i took mine off)
7. remove bolt fixing crankshaft pully to the crankshaft. remove pully.
8. remove bolts fixing water pump to timing chain cover. remove water pump.
9. see figure 33. remove bolt behind water pump, as shown.( this is the bolt behind the water pump i told you about)
10. remove oil pan
11. remove bolts fixing the timng chain cover to cylinder block. make certain to remove the bolt shown in figure 33 (the one behind the water pump)
12. rotate the crankshaft until the timing marks on the cam shaft sprocket and crankshafter sprocket are aligned. see figure 34. number 4 piston should be at TDC on compression stroke.
13. mark timing chain for installation. Pull off sprockets and remove chain.
14. inspect all parts for wear and damage. replace as required. in one sprocket must be replaced, the other must be also.
15. inspect timing chain cover oil seal for signs of leaks. replace as discussed in the nex tprocedure.
16.to install, reverse preceding steps. make certain timing marks on the sprockets are aligned exactly as shown in figure 33 so that valve timing will be correct(it says figure 33 but in the book figure 33 is a picture of the timing cover showing the bolt behind the water pump.... this book is not the best)
17. during installation, position your timing cover onto guide pin in upper left corner of cylinder block and insert centering bolt through timing chain cover into lower right corner of cylinder block. sealing is not required.
18. tight crankshaft pully to 72 ft.-lbs.

ok not a great book but better than not having one i guess. i dont see how you can get away without sealin the timing cover but they say you can. when they removed the head they left the timing sprocket on the mootr. there is a little plate that holds the sprocket up so you can do this. just make sure the chain dont jump any gears when turning the crank, and when checking the alignment of the timing marks you have to pull up on the sprocket to remove any play in the chain........any questions? i bet there is but i'll see what i can do to answer them.....good luck
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