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Hi everyone, my name is Gerard. I think this is really nice site. However, I am not too good when it comes to computers so it has taken me a long time to find out how to do it.
A little about myself:
I live in London, England, aged 52, work in the print finishing industry. Sadly I do not have a GT now, but I had a 1969 GT in the early seventies. It was Monza blue and had a 1.9 engine. At that time they were fairly rare and regarded as quite exotic. I have many happy memories of it. I have to admit that I shamefully abused it, thrashing about everywhere, only attending to things that broke or wore out. Naturally enough, the engine decided to self destruct. So I installed a 1.9 Manta engine from a scrapyard which seened to go very well. I then decided re-paint it, but as you all are aware, it was riddled with rust. It then became a daunting prospect that I was never able to complete. It finally went to the scrapyard. In the past few years I have only seen one black GT in London, and have never seen one for sale. I currently run Jaguars but I still hanker the GT.
Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all.
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