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Took the Opel out to the strip last night

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Ran a best time/et of 14.523 @ 93.5 mi/hr. I got 3 runs in before I lost something, not sure if it is cam timing, distributer timing or valve float/bent valves that is the issue. Flames shoot out the exhaust but it did run for a bit. I'm about to go to the track with my dad to pick it up (It was 1AM when it broke last night) and I'll let you know how bad it is.

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1 bent exhaust valve, they floated, looking to get higher tension springs now. another contacted the light carbon on the piston but didn't damage anything.
well good luck and I hope you get it fixed for not to much $$$$. You had fun though right? maybe a rev limiter might help. What springs were you running?

I have an extra new comp995-16 springs set that i had to buy because they came as a v8 set. they are duals also have the titanium retainers for them. If this tension does it for you $75 for the set with the retainers if you are interested. be happy to send a pic if you want.

135# @1650
310 @.450
335# @ .500
350# @ .550

actual coil bind 1.040

350 @ 1.100
.550 max lift

(600) max lift

50 for everything if you want

could go 120 @1700

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Nice times Dan, could you post what engine you are running, mods, and type of opel?
What is the diameter on those springs? I think the current ones are 1.25", I'll have to measure, it has been a while since I put it together.

calvin, mods include:
1970 block, head, forged crank and rods
11:1 forged venolia 3.75" (.080 over) pistons, rods bushed and drilled for full floating pins
fully balanced rotating assy
1.72/1.50 stainless sbc valves along with springs retainers and locks from sbc
[email protected] .470 lift cam, 3500-7000 powerband
flywheel cut for 2.8 S-10 clutch/press plate
32/36 carb, needs upgraded to a 38 or possibly 40 but I'm loking to go with fuel injection
electric fan
custom 2 1/2" exhaust
brembo brake rotors, ebc pads
royal purple synthetic gear oil
Sport front and rear springs
Koni yellow adjustable shocks
poly bushings all around and spring hats
235/45-13 kumho ecsta v700s on 13x9 diamond racing wheels (15lb ea)
gutted interior
lenk tuning hood
custom aluminum dash
full autometer gauges
removed bumperettes
removed front turn signals and rewired to marker lights

Soon I'll have an 8 point cage to stiffen it up even more.
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springs look to be 1 3/8 I am posting some pictures to my gallery cause I can never get them to post here. under members-cars-calvin. after they get aproved I will edit this and post the link.

there is a pic of my engine with the same spings.
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