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Hello Forum Community,

The idea for a tools rental option was discussed and it had enough merit to create the tools forum. The concept is simple, any tool that a forum member wouldn't mind loaning out could be posted under the tool rental forum. Anyone else who wants to borrow that tool, would work with that specific forum member. If you have a tool you wouldn't mind loaning out, create a thread for that tool in this sub-forum (tool rentals). The details for renting the tool are to be determined by the person who owns it and is loaning out the tool. There are some recommendations:

  • Charge for shipping and handling both ways, and send a printed return label with the tool. This is recommended so the tool owner can make sure the tool is insured for the correct amount, should it get damaged or lost during shipping.
  • Charge for the replacement cost of the tool up front and reimburse once the tool has been returned and inspected, minus any rental tool fee you might have.
  • Post a photo of the tool before shipping it to a member, and have that member post a photo of the tool upon receiving it and then again before shipping it back to you. This documents the condition of the tool and could be useful in determining when the tool was damaged.
  • If the tool was purchased and if it's still available, post a link to the tool. This helps others who might want to buy the tool instead and also establishes the cost of the tool up front.
  • Optional, charge a small rental tools fee and post what that fee is up front.
  • If possible, share a video of how to properly use the tool or work with a forum member who could help with creating a video.
  • Have a return by date for each person who borrows the tool.

Not all tools will be good tools to loan out. Tools that make sense would either be more expensive to buy rather than to loan, or are no longer available for purchase.

An example would be a BHJ Honing Plate. It costs $502.50 before any shipping charges and is a rarely used tool unless you rebuild CIH engines all the time. To rent this, there would be the cost of the honing plate plus insured ($500 insurance) shipping both ways. Upon receiving the tool back and inspecting it, if the honing plate was fine then the shipping charges and a tool rental fee would be subtracted from what was paid. The rest would be refunded to the member who borrowed it. If there was damage and it happened while someone was borrowing it (not during shipping), then the damaged or broken tool would be kept by the person who was borrowing it and the former tool owner would keep the money. This is why it's important to document the condition of the tool before, during, and after the tool rental. If a forum member is not comfortable with this, then it's best to not participate in tool rental. There is some risk that a tool can be damaged and not repairable. The person loaning out the tool shouldn't have to pay for that risk, if caused by the person who borrowed it or the machine shop or mechanic they used.

Any disputes between members should a tool wind up damaged should be settled privately by the parties involved and NOT handled openly on the forum. We don't need drama on the forum, that can destroy the community. Honor and integrity should be at the heart of this forum at all times.

Anyone who borrows a tool is responsible for their own safety, which extends to anyone who uses that tool. The Opel GT forum, its owners Vertical Scope, and the person loaning out the tool are not responsible for your safety or any injuries or death as a result of you using a borrowed tool or a tool you learned about on this site. If you let someone else use the tool, the same conditions apply to whoever you let use that borrowed tool. If you are not comfortable taking full responsibility for your own safety when borrowing a tool, then you should not proceed with borrowing a tool or working on your own vehicle for that matter. Providing a way for forum members to borrow tools is strictly to help those who are comfortable with accepting full responsibility for their safety and also knowing how to use the tool correctly. Some tools, like a leaf spring compressor, can be incredibly dangerous even when used by a trained mechanic. Not reading this statement does not absolve a person of this responsibility when borrowing a tool. It applies to anyone who borrows a tool, whether or not they read this statement.

You have been warned, proceed with borrowing tools at your own risk! The OpelGT.com support staff are not representatives of Vertical Scope, nor are the support staff legal counsel in any way, shape, or forum. This warning is only to notify members that no one else is responsible for your actions or your safety.

Please feel free to contact a moderator or myself if you have any concerns.
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