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I was searching for an opel road test comparison and one of the links was at automotiveforums.com and i clicked it and it broguth me to a survey on peoples top 5 favorite cars. I went to bed feeling kind of sick. This may offend some people; but if your dream car is a civic with a b18 motor swap or the only knowledge u hav about a gt500 is from 'gone in 60 sec.', how about posting it on automotiveforum.com.

With that said, my top 5 favorite/dream cars; which changes frequently and is a very hard decision to make, are the following

1. Opel GT - 400 cu.i. small block swap, 4-link with shortened ford 9" (i would have said 572 cu.i. , but i thought about the space limitations and remembered this was about dreaming not hallucinating)
2. Abarth Simca - due to size, engine location, and beauty of this italian masterpiece...i dont thnk i would be able to do an engine swap.
3. Datsun 240Z - 572 big block w/ 9" rear end
4. Lotus 7 (after riding in the 1st one to make it to the states) but i would probably have to modify the engine quite a bit, because if u have ever ridden in one, those cars were designed to hug the turns, not snatch the front end off the ground.
5. MGB - 572 swap

Like i said, it changes a lot and i will probably remember tonite that i forgot to list a very nice car.

But i'd just like to get an idea for wut people in the community are into, so please list your top 5(well list more if u want) favorite cars.

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Simple.. (and I am sick.. I tell ya)

1) Opel Manta A
2) Bitter SC
3) 2005 Pontiac GTO
4) Opel Commodore B GS/E
5) Bitter CD


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1. Ford GT
2. 2007 Shelby Mustang
3. Opel Gt
4. Abarth Long Nose or 1000 TCR or 2000 OT
5. 427 Cobra

I've owned an Abarth 1000 and currently own a 2000 OT replica and a GT. Will own a 2007 Shelby Mustang. If I every have more money then I know what to do with I will add the Ford Gt and the 427 Cobra to my garage. There are a couple other red Italian cars I would add to my list if it went past 5.

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Tough to narrow it down to just five cars. There are of course the 'dream' cars, the cars you've always wanted from childhood, and then the ultimate performance cars.

My choices, in no particular order:

1. Toyota 2000GT
2. Opel Manta 400 (wide body version)
3. Opel Lotus Omega
4. Ferrari 330 SP
5. Lancia Delta S4 rallycar (648 hp, 1800 lbs, and 4wd, what's not to love?)


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1. Opel GT.......why else would I have had 6 :) and the only 'Dream Car' I'm ever likely to own.

2. Porsche 911 '74 RS

3. Mercedes 300 Gullwing

4. Aston Martin DB4 GT

I know that's only 4 but I've just spent 15mins thinking and the brain's gone blank.............oh,oh,oh......I've got it.

5. Ferrari 365 GTC-4......I suppose one of these isn't beyond the relms of ownership.

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gtzero said:
McLaren F1
I guess my list was that of cars I could afford and love (I Owned alll but the GTO and CD< and hope to get GTO in a year or two).

On the Car List of exotics :

McLaren F1
Aston Martin Virage Vantage
Bitter SC - 3.9L Convertible w/ 5 speed (There are 3 I believe)
BMW 850i

I know there are more...

Old American Classics
Pre 1950s..

Too hard..

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Dream cars (as of this minute)...
McLaren F1
Dino 246GT/GTS
Renault Alpine A110
Lancia Stratos
Porsche 550 Spyder

"Realistic" top 5...
2006 Opel GT
Alfa Romeo Giulietta (Sprint Speciale is a bonus)
Porsche 356
'67 Triumph Spitfire GT6 (heavily modified)
81-86 Jeep CJ8 Scrambler

But the ultimate would be a brand new, time-warped 69-73 Opel GT :D

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Adding to the List

1) 1972 Opel GT - rebuilding one right now
2) 1967 Opel Kadett Rallye - just been 'round the block in it
3) 1987 Opel Ascona C-CC Hatch back - 127mph "Grocery Getter"
4) 1973 P6B Rover V8 - A bit bent at the moment but was a daily driver
5) 1981 Isuzu Piazza - first year of production with "Lotus" twin cam head

...Wait a minute these are the cars that are currently taking up all my time, space and money! :D

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lets see :
an austin healey 3000 mk 2
a ford rs 200 (works not tickford)
a big tomato pantera gts (de tomaso)
a jaguar D type (long nose )
and last but not least

a porsche 917 in martini colours not gulf :D :D

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top 5 favorite cars

I am always interesting on older cars.
so, my favorite cars are:
1. lancia delta intregrale
2. bmw 501 spider
3. opel ascona 400 w/flares and stripes
4. bmw 2000 CS
5. bmw isetta

and my favorite cars from collection are:
1. bmw 2000CS
2. 73 4door ascona
3. 69 kadett 1.1L, 2 sollex white w/rally stripes
4. 78 fiat spider
5. 75 bmw 2002, 72 opel s/w, 69 bug [herbie car], 81 camaro z 28
and 69 bmw 1602 [ drivable but not restore yet]


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1. 67 427 Carrol Shelby Cobra
2. 60's Ford GT40 427 also
3. 53 Corvette (unrestored mint condition)
4. Hemi Cuda (any year)
5. 67 Ford Fairlane 500 again 427

Funny thing is I don't even like Ford's !!!!!

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5 cars, o.k. here's my list:

1958 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR
Any Year Vector
1936 Dodge Pick-up with my 340 in it
My 72 GT finished with the 3.4 V-6/T-5
My 75 monza restored with the 5.7L warmed over just a tad.

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excelsior: i love the chevy cheetah, they have one wicked little 327 in them and were purposely built to compete with the Shelby AC Cobras. only 23 were built before the business producing them for chevy was burn to the ground, with a few cheetahs inside, a few have been wrecked, not sure how many stil exist, but would guess around 10 left in the world.

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Hmmm,...... lets see, the dream list...... ah yes, here they come
1. Porsche 550 spyder
2. Porsche 1500 rsk
3. A fully restored, sport suspension, 5spd, stock body Opel gt 2.4fi
4. Ferrari F40
5. Pantera
6. Rothman rally porsche 911

Yes I know their are 6, but its my dream isnt it? :D
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